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Stop Anxiety Eating Your Life

Bereavement. Loss. Anxiety. Resilience

Find support to help you through these challenging conditions. All is not lost, there is a way to live fulfilled, with joy, despite what can initially be life-stopping events. The roller-coaster of emotions that we can experience after a significant loss or a mental health diagnosis can make it feel as if we are "going mad" - these are natural reactions to the grief of losing the life we can no longer have.

Yet it is not the end, with the right help it is possible to laugh again...

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Is this you?

Do you feel you're sinking under the ever-increasing list of things to do?

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"I felt I was grieving in the "wrong way" because my reaction to the loss of my father was so different to my sister's, she was able to cope and carry on but I was floored, couldn't stop longing to talk to him again and felt my life was over. Working with Carrie helped me recognise that grief is an individual experience and there is no one "right" way to grieve. I learnt how to process what had happened so that I was able to live again and find pleasure where it had been lost" P.T

"Receiving my Depression diagnosis was devastating, I felt isolated and that my work colleagues and family would see me as less than them now. All my hopes for how I wanted my life to be were gone; until I joined one of Carrie's Wellness Workshops where I began to understand my diagnosis and learnt that there are things I can do to feel better. I learnt how to recognise the signs when I was on a downward spiral and a depressive episode was looming and I learnt what to do before I hit rock bottom. The compassion and warmth I felt through the program from Carrie and the other particpants has made a massive difference. I am not alone. I can still live and my hopes are not lost" B.F

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